Voyager - videos made by Faroese filmmaker Eir I Olavsstovu
Download at iTunes.

CD and vinyl available through Pladekisten
Relationships (2013)
Download at iTunes.

CD available through Pladekisten
The concert from Paletten in Viborg 2014
Thanks to Sonny Møller Pedersen for catching the show.
Inception (part I) & Sunday Morning in Late Winter, Meutiviti Festival 2013
A New Beginning from the concert at Artbreak Hotel, Meutiviti Festival 2013
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Thomas Albæk Jakobsen | Telephone: (+45) 28761921 | Email:

….it all manages to pull you in. The pieces on Voyager convey a wide range of emotions while also focusing on the strong connection between these five musicians. It's all of a piece, yet, in keeping with the group's name, completely in flux.

- Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz
The ambitious approach to the music succeeds in full with this new album and there’re even times when I must completely surrender in excitement.……..

Voyager is recommendable and it is one of those albums that grows every time you’re listening to it.

- Niels Overgaard, JazzNyt
It is between the clear rhythmic patterns and clear melody of "Spirit Soul" and the searching soundscape of "Long Johns" that Voyager finds its own expression based on accessible immediacy and meditative beauty.

- Jakob Bækgaard, All About Jazz
… in fact it is the journey and impetus, the nooks and corners, the open spaces and it’s improvisatory potential, that’s explored and staged by the quintet.

- Ivan Rod, music critic

Thomas A. Jakobsen - drums & compositions | Ole Visby - sax, clarinet, bass clarinet |
Søren Møller - piano & rhodes | Michael Møller Porsborg - guitar | Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass