FLUX bio

Thomas A. Jakobsen - drums & compositions
Ole Visby - sax, clarinet & bass clarinet
Søren Møller - piano & rhodes
Michael Møller Porsborg - guitar
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass

Voyager - New release 2015

The jazz orchestra FLUX gets its inspiration from alternating between formal compositions and the free flowing musical interpretations that occur in the transition between each individual tune. The aim is to invite the audience on a continuous musical journey where they can form their own inner visions. Thomas Albaek Jakobsen, the founder, composer and drummer of FLUX, explains how this dogma has arisen:

"In FLUX we attack the structure of each composition, we challenge and interpret it – and try to get to the very core. During the improvised transitions between the tunes, we encounter the music with open minds and interpret it freely and varied each time. And this is where we hope to find what we seek in jazz. "

"It is also the starting point for the new album "title" where we strike a balance between the compositional element and the resolution that occurs when we let the music inspire us to break new ground."
New compositions, new approaches to the music
Since the release of the critically acclaimed debut album Relationships (2013) and a subsequent year of concerts, it was evident that FLUX had to start recording a new album. New compositions had come along the way and the internationally renowned pianist Soren Moller had taken over the piano duties.
But how would FLUX manage to capture the spontaneous live essence of fixed compositions and free musical interpretations? How would it be conceptually justifiable to maintain something which cannot and should not be maintained?

Thomas continues: "The answer is to be found on this album. The result is a moment in time. A snapshot. One option amongst several. We recorded the tracks as long processes, the idea being to offer the listener a musical journey through the composed and the improvised, the spoken and the unspoken.
From music promotion to musical journeys
The idea to try something new instead of presenting the music in the traditional manner arose after countless concerts and many hours spent on the road.

"One night, when I was talking about the music in between tunes, Soren Moller carried on playing, - regardless that the tune had ended. He played underneath my story to the audience and was soon joined by the guitarist so it quickly became some kind of jam session which was both inspired by the previous tune and alluded to the next. So we carried on filling the gaps, making transitions and building bridges between tunes for the rest of the concert."

It was an exciting development, and for a while Thomas contemplated how to structure this phenomenon whilst still creating space for improvisations. It soon became apparent that this new musical direction took the audience on a longer journey rather than experiencing the music, tune by tune.
"The challenge was to create a set list where natural musical entities would emerge using those improvised transitions – the gaps. Each individual tune would not just have to fit each other, but the transitions would also have to offer the optimal possibility for improvisation."
Development of sound
"Right now, the concept works perfectly. I choose the tracks for the set list and decide which musicians should play during the transitions. I guess I have invented a kind of dogma as a platform and the only consistent element is who is ‘in the spotlight’ and when. There are only a few of us playing during the transitions, never the whole orchestra, and always in different combinations. "
The process has helped develop and strengthen FLUX’s unique sound, and it is something they have worked on with this new album called ‘title’ A title that is heavily inspired by the short transitional improvisations which connects the music and turn it into a coherent story and experience - both live and on the album.
FLUX originated in Northern Jutland, but its members are widely scattered due to working on both national and international projects. Some members of FLUX had already started this musical collaboration whilst in the JazzNord Ensemble in 2008. Thomas A. Jakobsen, who is the founder of FLUX, has a masters degree in music and music history and he has in recent years established himself as a drummer, composer and founding member of a number of exciting projects, including Meutiviti and the JazzNord Ensemble with whom he made the acclaimed album Canopus featuring stellar reed player Dick Oatts.
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Photos: Carsten Vestergaard
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Thomas Albæk Jakobsen | Telephone: (+45) 28761921 | Email: info@jazzformidling.dk

….it all manages to pull you in. The pieces on Voyager convey a wide range of emotions while also focusing on the strong connection between these five musicians. It's all of a piece, yet, in keeping with the group's name, completely in flux.

- Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz
The ambitious approach to the music succeeds in full with this new album and there’re even times when I must completely surrender in excitement.……..

Voyager is recommendable and it is one of those albums that grows every time you’re listening to it.

- Niels Overgaard, JazzNyt
It is between the clear rhythmic patterns and clear melody of "Spirit Soul" and the searching soundscape of "Long Johns" that Voyager finds its own expression based on accessible immediacy and meditative beauty.

- Jakob Bækgaard, All About Jazz
… in fact it is the journey and impetus, the nooks and corners, the open spaces and it’s improvisatory potential, that’s explored and staged by the quintet.

- Ivan Rod, music critic

Thomas A. Jakobsen - drums & compositions | Ole Visby - sax, clarinet, bass clarinet |
Søren Møller - piano & rhodes | Michael Møller Porsborg - guitar | Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass