With its rich textures and multitude of dynamic expressions, the music of FLUX stimulates the senses, inviting the listener to be carried away. The sound of FLUX draws you into a universe where music takes on myriad shapes and colors, virtually demanding that the listener assume an active role.

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Dec. 14: We’ve had a great time playing this year and now the tunes for the next album are beginning to sound good. Right now I’m writing and arranging the last couple of tunes and in February we’ll head into the studio again. I’ll hope you’ll join my newsletter to get some insight into the process of our next CD-album.

Happy Christmas!
Thomas A. Jakobsen

Tour 2015

7 Feb, Studenterhuset, Aarhus
8 Feb, Pavillonen, Grenaa
12 Feb, Studio recording
13 Feb, Studio recording
14 Feb, Kappelborg, Skagen

More dates soon to be announced!

Thomas A. Jakobsen - drums & compositions | Ole Visby - sax, clarinet, bass clarinet |
Søren Møller - piano | Michael Møller Porsborg - guitar | Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - bass


Relationships (2013)
My mission in music is to mix a melodic approach with an unknown quantity that challenges the listener’s senses.
Thomas A. Jakobsen
Listen to Relationships here or SoundCloud. Also available as CD/download at CD Baby and iTunes.
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88.9 FM WDNA Serious Jazz; Nordjyllands Jazzradio; DR P8 Jazz


Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

Jakobsen's well-crafted compositions have a strong melodic approach but with enough suggestive segments that invite the Flux members to expand and to draw these compositions to more open, poetic ends……..

"A New Beginning" and "Sunday Morning in Late Winter" have dramatic narratives, its tension is built slowly and both shift between energetic, playful parts to darker, enigmatic segments…….

A promising debut.

Ivan Rud, Gaffa

Relationships et lytteværdigt album……

Vagn Rosell, musiker, arrangør og jazz connaisseur

En utroligt velspillet og homogen plade med jeres helt egen lyd. Stort tillykke med udgivelsen!

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Past concerts

29 Jan
, Jive, Vejle
30 Jan, Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen
9 April, Susan Himmelblå, Aalborg - Trio gig
10 April, Paletten, Viborg
28 Aug, Dexter, Odense
29 Aug, AaMaze Festival, Aalborg
28 Oct, Det Musiske Hus, Frederikshavn
29 Oct, Klaverstemmeren, Aalborg
30 Oct, Jazzin'Ribe, Ribe
25 May
, Sæby Jazz & Fisk
25 Aug, Studenterhuset, Aalborg
25 Aug, Klaverstemmeren, Aalborg
31 Aug, Hovedbiblioteket, Aalborg
1 Sept, Studieindspilning
2 Sept, Studieindspilning
23 Okt, Huset + jam session
25 Okt, Viva, Aalborg
1 Feb
, "Relationships", album release date
7 Feb, Rønshoved Højskole
8 Feb, Kaffe & Kærlighed, Hjørring
9 Feb, Kappelborg, Skagen
10 Feb, Ulla T, London (Aalborg) - CD release
16 May, 'Retfærdigheden', Sæby Jazzfestival
15 Aug, Artbreak Hotel, Meutiviti Festival, Aalborg
28 Sep, Kappelborg, Skagen
29 Sep, Klaverstemmeren, Aalborg
4 Dec, Huset, Aalborg
5 Dec, Dexter, Odense
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Thomas Albæk Jakobsen | Telephone: (+45) 28761921 | Email: info@jazzformidling.dk